Monday, June 29, 2009


Sometimes some people unknowingly become such an important part of your existence long before you even realize. I think it has been like that with this friend of mine. Not in a mood to name her, so let’s just use pronouns :) Today is her last day in my office and I am left wondering - Have we really been together for 4 years?

We probably learnt everything together. Infact there are so many 'firsts' with her that jotting all of them down would be impossible. We took our first salary together; we both sat down and learnt how to do tax calculations, every minute details of it. We analyzed our tax reports, sal slips, promotion lists, everything.

We called each other at odd hours stating 'I am bugged - let’s meet'. Not every time the other person would make it but definitely asap. There was an amazing clarity about the relationship. We both always had similar thoughts, similar emotions given any situation which just became stronger each day. We have shared countless hours after office discussing and gossiping. I could trust her with anything and I always will. Some people are so upright in life that you need no warranty for their uprightness.

This blog is out of the blue........I don’t usually allow anyone to venture into my private territory but as has always been the case with some people I thought let’s make an exception :). I am going to miss the immediate calls, mails and meetings, now that she is going far. I will miss knowing her colleagues, her managers and giving code names to them. But I know something we will devise some way of bettering this relationship. Distance is simply going to alter the dimensions :)

:-* always


Pappul said...

aah ... those bloody last days ... here's hoping u get used to her absence (in the office premises only) ... and all the best to her too ... !!

Amit said...

Yeah ... am sure u can have a good time just as good as u wud have done with her...
..And the best part is .. there's lotta cake and ice cream at the farewell party !!

Anonymous said...

(Nothing beats this Yahoo emoticon)