Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have boarded a fast train from Kasara to Mumbai CST. As Thane approaches, I plan to get down with my heavy bag. Regular commuters would tell you that 9 in the morning is not really a good time to alight at stations like Thane, Dombvili, etc (but then i wonder when exactly is the right time?). As I am praying to the almighty to let me down in one single piece I get a nice push. I turn back and the man comments, "Aila ladies hain". (Yeah, a single lady too evokes the plural noun form). The uncle to my right comments, "Idhar kahe ko chadha, ladies compartement mein chadhne ka". I smile and look at my hubby in front. "Acha, navra hain kya.....arre saab biwi ko aage lo na aap....warna woh utar nahin payengi". My poor hubby was getting the bashing, it was infact my stupid choice to get into the genral compartment because the ladies one was empty at the first stop.

For the next 3 minutes, there is no pushing so that the 'ladies' can stand in little comfort. I must say i am impressed by this chivalrous effort but as soon as the station is in sight there is such a commotion that my I am blinded by the rush. I do not remember anything except that after a few seconds I was on Thane station with my scarf in one hand, my bag on another....and yeah I am in one piece.....but hell! I just don't remember using my legs to walk a single step!

I look back at the train and I can see smiling faces as if to say "Welcome to Mumbai Mam".


Pappul said...

first of all ... do away with relationships in a local ... husband or no husband ... get into the ladies compartment :P

second ... bag leke nahi chadhneka local mein ... bohot problem hota hai ...

welcome to mumbai ... !!

Jayaram said...

ha ha nice one... ye mumbai hain madam... :)