Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Defining Moments

What does it take to enjoy a movie? A good theater, a good movie...Naah! It needs an exam, rather, exams. A bunch of papers that kill you as they pass by, giving you a sigh of relief on just the last day....and that’s the perfect moment to watch a movie. No other criteria come close to that moment of finishing up your paper and heading towards the theater with your gang.

Someone was tad too perfect when s/he said that Life is nothing but a bunch of moments. Everything between those moments, well, who cares about them anyways?

Roses make no sense until the moment you have someone to give it to as you are popping the question. For that moment, nothing but a red rose would do. And irrespective of the answer to your proposal the red rose and the moment become an inseparable part of your life.
You may attend a few thousand parties in your lifetime but the party you threw with your first pay stands out from the rest of them. After all it defines a moment you were proud of yourself irrespective of the self skepticism you carry otherwise.

After adding a lot of inches to your waistline and accumulating a fortune, you may buy a Mercedes, but still it cannot beat the first Ambassador your dad bought home for the family. The moment is too precious which your accumulated fortune cannot replicate.

Most of the times we are so busy worrying about the future that we let go many such moments in the present. So the next time you think you have a defining moment just hold on to it, for it would be past soon.

Aptly said by Gulzaar -

Ek baar waqt se, lamhaan gira kahin,
wahan dastaan mili, lamhaan kahi nahin.....
thoda sa hasake, thoda sa rulake, pal yeh bhi jaaane wala hain....................


Anoop Kunchukuttan said...

Yeah, nothing's better than a movie before an exam !

Extremely well written!

Satish said...

nice..perhaps lot of inches accumulated to waistline but yet no merc here .. a moment as well :)