Friday, September 14, 2012

Emotion vs. Logic

As a colleague flirted with a near pink-slip like situation at office and was getting all emotional about it I remember telling the person to take things logically and not attach emotions to the situation. As the person cried, everyone seconded my advice to the person - get practical. We all love to be logical to the most emotional situations. It left me wondering.... why?

Is it really possible to be not attached to your everyday activities/people? I mean your work, your colleagues, etc....shouldn't they always matter? How can one work when one is not involved? It’s human to get attached, then why the pride in being indifferent? I guess because most of us have learnt the hard way that emotions are wasted with the members of our creed. It’s better to score a point logically than applying any emotional sense to it and losing the argument. Another possibility of why we are generally scared of getting emotional is the fear that the feeling might not be reciprocated. Oh what a humiliation if you are emotional and the person in front is logical, isn’t it? With this thought we are being more cowards than logical ....or so I think.

In all this emotion vs. logic debate, I am still on the latter’s side. But I do know what I am missing and I guess that’s a solace in itself!

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Satish said...

logical wording of emotions..well worded I mean