Monday, February 2, 2009

When everything goes wrong

One of my most depressing weeks...anything i do, say, dont say seem to be going against me. I am just tired of explanations and I just feel like shutting myself off which is what i precisely would be doing.

I know, this too shall pass!!!!!!!!

On a brighter note, bought a lovely new cell W595, plan to do some clicking and will surely post it here. Hoping for things to become better


Pappul said...

I hope this week is turning out to be a better one ... chill maar ... and all the best with ur new cell ... Cheers ... !!

Amit said...

Phone call send\receive karne ko liya hai ya click karneko? ;) Should I say congrats for your new Camera?

Anoop Kunchukuttan said...

Wouldn't it be good to have cellphones recognize your mood and play the right music? Till someone does that, who is to lift your spirits but you ? :)