Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Advertising (non)sense

A beautiful model walking out of a water body in a flaming red bikini. Can you guess the advertisement? Let me give you some options -
A) XYZ Beauty Soap
B) IJK body lotion
C) OPQ Hair shampoo
D) ABC bikini makers (I have never seen them but still!)
E) None of the above

The right answer - E. It’s an advertisement for JK cement. Yeah! As Sachin knocked us all crazy with his double ton I couldn’t help but smile at the JK cement advertisement that were being played on air. Will somebody explain the connection between the bikini girl and the product? I couldn’t figure any.........but I think they got what they wanted....I will never forget this ad. After all it takes a different kind of genius to dole out that kind of crap!

p.s. Meanwhile hail the god of cricket...he makes even an unenthusiastic cricket person like me to move to the corner of my sofa seeking divine intervention.....even the gods would have been busy watching him yesterday!


Pappul said...

well ... can you send me the link to this ad? :P

Anuja said...

ha ha.. so true!

missed watching sachin though!

Amit said...

For weeks together ... I never noticed what the ad was for ... last week I was told JK Cement ;)

Vikash Kumar said...

That's indeed the most stupid ad I have ever seen.. and we laugh so much whenever it comes.. I tend to believe it must be the funniest ad as well :D