Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One for the Little Master!

Even a complete off-cricket person like me is waiting for the Little Master to perform the miracle of fifty 100s and hundred 50s in One day internationals. So when he completed his fiftieth century knock in Tests against SA, I had to write something about him. Words fail short and I found a fabulous piece from Gideon Haigh’s book - 'The Sphere of Influence' -

"In his sheer constancy, Tendulkar unwittingly obscures just how completely cricket has been transformed, to the extent that it is almost impossible to imagine his fame being replicated. Who in future will play international cricket for twenty years, losing neither motivation nor mastery? Who in future will master all three forms of the game, capable of spontaneous spectacle and massive entrenchment alike? Who in future will excite us simply by walking onto the field, just a man and a bat, and disappoint so seldom?"

Just his name evokes so much of inspiration!

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Pappul said...

The Great One ... period.