Saturday, November 18, 2017

Me, my kid and God :P

The chutney was spicy, and there was no time to make a new one just to accommodate my little one who is actually not that little now :). So I thought of a plan.

Me: Kiddo, I have kept a chocolate in your box.
Kiddo: Why? [Surprised, because mom isn’t really the chocolate giving kinds]
Me: The chutney is a little spicy, so after you have had your food you can eat it.
Kiddo: Alright.
Me: Please simply eat your chocolate and stop showing it around to other kids or teasing them
Kiddo: Why?
Me: Because they would feel sad exactly like you would; if someone showed you a chocolate but ate all himself that is.

At this stage, i don't think he has appreciated my general philosophical thought so i choose a more direct approach.

Me: And god will punish you if you show the chocolate but don't share them.
Kiddo: Really???
Me: Yup, God will take away your chocolates as a punishment because you caused sadness.
Kiddo: How is that possible? The statue in that room, how will it move and take away my chocolates?
Me: Facepalm.

Moral: Never use abstract concepts with a logical 4 year old.
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