Saturday, October 20, 2018

What's changed?

Someone asked me why had I disappeared? I realized Its been ages on any forum. I wondered about the choices made. A choice that has grown stronger with time. What is the need to be known? Why should one’s opinion matter to anyone else? Have always been totally happy in a crowd as much as in my room quietly reading.  The need to present the 'I' has vanished. Maybe because its existence has become even stronger.

A small set of people who just drop by when time permits or drop a line to keep in touch, girlfriends who meet up whenever they can, friends who can pause on conversations for years and then pick up right where they left......find this better than the need to catch up in social circles.

The writings have ceased because the mind is in an overdrive. When that calms down then maybe the thoughts that formulate and the words that get penned down would have more articulation and clarity.

Someone wise, aptly said - "Do not break the silence unless you can improve it"

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