Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wrong profession ;)

Many public transport drivers have a bad habit of not stopping the bus at the bus stop but many meters before or after the designated stop.
One such driver who had stopped the bus far away was being reprimanded by an elderly uncle when in popped another old man with a remarkable sense of humour. To add zing to the humour was his amazing Urdu dialect. He pacified the elder uncle by saying , "Arre bade miyan jaane dijiye. In sahab ko toh desh ka Olympic coach hona chahiye....kamaskam khiladioyn ko dauda daudakar jeetaynge aur desh ka naam roshan toh karwayenge....hain na miya?"

The driver's embarrassed face was worth a dekko!!


Pappul said...

wonderful ... ek din "bus-tales" padhna padega aaraam se baithkar ... :)

Vikash Kumar said...

hehehehe.. sahi tha ekdum.. seriously.. your bus-tales section will become quite interesting :)

Amit said...

Hahaha .. top hai. When is the "prakashan"? Pedhe thev ha.