Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Movie Review: Paa

One word for the movie - Lovely!

To begin the review skeptics who are comparing it to Benjamin Button can take a back seat. The movie is refreshing and definitely an original. Balki's previous movie 'Cheeni Kum' was a nice one too. The reason I liked that movie was for its dialogues and Paa, you have a lot of satire and wit to keep you glued.

The story of Auro, a single mother's son diagnosed with progeria is a heartwarming one and far from being whining. He leads an almost normal life surrounded by amazing characters including his best friend, Vishnu. I especially liked the scene where the 11 yr old Vishnu talks about his dad explaining the similarities he shares with him......witty convo. Auro steals the scene and yeah! not for a moment you would feel that it’s a 67 year old playing a 12 year old kid. Amitabh is one lucky man! Even at this age he continues to get scripts that are written especially for him. But nobody can deny his hard work, he pulled it off amazingly too :)

Just one hiccup, but with the song that is rocking charts. The music of the song 'Gumsum Gum ' is a direct lift from a very old Malayalam melody (all I know is the singer there was S.Janaki, details later....). When I heard it I was a little disappointed that someone of the music director's caliber could also do that without a proper credit.....but you can’t help it.

Great performances by the rest of the cast, especially - Arundhati Nag as Vidya’s mother but little Auro is the child of the moment! My favourite actor has done it yet again!


tera pehchaanwala said...

just a correction original music for
Gumsum was also by Ilayaraja for a mallu movie olangal..
usko khudko credit dene ka iccha nahi hoga..

Prameela said...

Oh, is it...thanks for that info....as i said i have no details of the song.....i just know it :)